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Concertina Coil Manufacturer in Delhi

Concertina Coil

Concertina Coil Manufacturer, Suppliers in Delhi, Concertina Coil in Delhi, Concertina Coil at Best Price in Delhi. Due to its finest Concertina Coils, Sumit Enterprises stand amidst dependable Concertina Coil manufacturers. Our concertina barbed wire is the best safety device, manufactured using finest quality material.

Concertina Coils is a kind of modern security fencing materials fabricated with a razor-sharp steel blade and high-tensile wire. Concertina Coil can be installed to courage the result of anxious and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders, with piecing and cutting Razor Wire with Blades introduced at the top of the boundary wall, also the special designs maker of climbing and touching extremely difficult between the fencing.

These wire and strip are galvanized to prevent free corrosion. Currently, Concertina Coil has been majorly used by many countries in the military areas, prisons boundaries, detention houses boundaries, government buildings surrounding to prevent the theft, and other national security boundaries. Recently years, Concertina coil has become the most popular high used fencing coils and wire for not only for defense and national security applications area, but also for residential cottage and society area fence, and other private buildings.

450mm , 610mm, 750mm , 900mm and 1050mm and it is made up of high Tensile Wire and it has standard 51 Spirals as CPWD,DDA,MES ,PWD and others GOVT Specification.


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