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Razor Blade Wire Manufacturer in Delhi

Razor Blade Wire

Razor Blade Wire Manufacturer, Suppliers in Delhi, Razor Blade Wire in Delhi, Razor Blade Wire at Best Price in Delhi. Razor Wires are known to fulfil customer need in all over the Indian subcontinent of India. A Razor Wires is basically a wire which is extremely tensile strength in nature. It, additionally, has a tape of metal that has been specifically contorted with the help of barbs: this tape is stuck firmly to the strand of wire. The tape used for manufacturing this razor blade wire is galvanized with the assistance of a layer of zinc and also a core thread that has also been coated with zinc and, thus, galvanized. This Razor wire is used in 2 variants - the first one is unclipped and the second one is clipped.

The latter is of the concertina type. The diameter of the coils varies from 300mm to up to 1050mm. Razor Wires of the concertina coils kind of n nature and these wire having an extreme tensile strength in use. It is around this thread of wire that the steel tape is crimped. The consequence is the creation of razor blade wires that are almost impossible to cut through.

Coils of steel are used for the reinforcement of these blade wires and thus are very difficult to manipulate. This is also due to the gripping and biting mechanism of the accompanying barbs. Thus, the razor-sharp blade wires can't be altered or weakened without the assistance of extremely professional equipment.


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