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Concertina Wire Fencing Manufacturer in Delhi

Concertina Wire Fencing

Concertina Fencing Wire Manufacturer, Concertina Fencing Wire Suppliers in Delhi, Concertina Fencing Wire in Delhi, Concertina Fencing Wire at Best Price in Delhi. Concertina Fencing Wire has have been recognized as a very powerful device to object the unwanted entry of enemies or animals. Sharp blades type Wires and spiral wire structure can trap anyone who intends to go through or over the Concertina Fencing Wire which is placed on boundary walls.

Normally speaking, a concertina wire fence is a combination of concertina coil wire and chain link fencing or diamond welded wire mesh which blocks people out and will not hurt by you. This kind of concertina wire fence is widely found in prison boundaries, airport boundaries, residential boundaries, government and commercial area boundaries.

Another type of concertina fencing wire is comprised of concertina spiral coils & wires. On the one hand, they can be fastened to a steel structure to forming a security fence. On the other hand, they can be installed without a steel structure.


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